Building Information Modeling
BIM Methodology and Benefits

From conceptualization to delivery, visualize your project.
At Suntak Project Management, we rely on technology to provide you with real-time visualization and control of your project. Our design and engineering team, as well as the cost and project management area will be able to offer you an accurate understanding of the project thanks to BIM.

In addition to traditional tools such as blueprints, you can always have your project in three dimensions, providing a more practical way to visualize the project, from development to construction and delivery.

By developing your project in BIM, you will be able to work in parallel with your property management/maintenance team or your production team to design their stages/production lines together.

The main advantages of teaming with Suntak Project Management's Design and Engineering area in a BIM project are the following:
Collaboration and communication of interdisciplinary planning and/or design teams in real time.
Pre-construction project visualization
Detection of intersections and/or interferences of the building and/or facilities.
Automation and updating of work volumes.

You will be able to know more quickly the cost impacts in case of any modification in the project. 3D viewers for planning of fabrication, assembly, etc. Post-delivery, for management of the building and its facilities.
Get these advantages in the design and construction of your project, but above all the peace of mind and security of developing your property in an efficient, safe, quality, practical and fast way.


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